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Resume Format

I hope that you have read my previous articles:

1. The Golden Rule of Resume Writing: Tailoring Your Resume to a Specific Job
2. Steps to Writing a Resume
3. How to Beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

I know, now you have an excellent knowledge of resume writing.

Since many of you requested a template or format for resumes, I decided to publish a Resume Format which will help you start writing your resume or make some changes to your current resume.

The Resume Format given below is a basic structure of a resume, and you need to add slight modifications on a case by case basis.


Resume Format
Resume Format


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  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this. 

    My resumes always end up looking gritty and unorganized. It just looks very unprofessional. This one is looking so clean, and fits all the pertinent information. Would it be okay if I used this for my next job searching spree?

    Thank you in advance! 

  2. Exceptional! Thank you so much for providing such awesome information and this resume format template will certainly prove useful. After reading your other articles about the golden rule of resume writing, steps to writing a resume, and how to beat the ATS I feel that I will get a job in no time.

    You’ve really covered all the basic to advanced levels of writing a resume that will convert to getting a job.

    Thanks again.

    Keep the awesome work!

  3. Hi! When I came to your article I had in mind I only needed to incorporate a few things into my resume. But after studying your template, I have decided to start all over again building my resume using your template as my starting point. I already know the slight modifications I’ll add. I greatly appreciate this post!

  4. I know that are specific resume formats for particular clients. For example, when applying to a job, the client requires to use a resume format used among particular corporations. In the beginning, it is time-consuming to create all resume formats, but it will save you time for later.

    I will update my resume using the template provided by you, and I’ll use it for future job applications.Thank you for your article.

  5. This is the third time am stumbling on your post about resume writing and I always appreciate the efforts you do put into your works, you have been able to cover much ground and providing templates for writing a good resume. I will bookmark this post for future purpose.  Thank you so much 

  6. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I downloaded the file already to look further. 

    Thanks so much for this lovely resume format you shared with us; Some of us will be able to secure our dream jobs with this file you shared with us.

    I will check on it and get back to you on the success o achieved with it.


  7. Yes I read your previous article where you talked about resume and how we can  write an acceptable resume. Even the software that tracks and access resume will be able to select ours considering the fact that our resume carries the basic requirements for the application. Poor resume atimes affects the applicants.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful template! I’ve always been looking to get a well organized and impressive resume as the one I currently have is a sore to the eyes. I can’t wait to edit my details into the template and start sending it out to employers. Its just outright beauty! Thanks once again!

  9. Hello Silva! Your previous articles were quite great and engaging. Wow! Thanks for this template, a lot of people get stuck when it comes to writing resume, and this template will definitely be of immense help to us. I love the way everything looked professional and neat. 

    You did great providing us with such wonderful template for resume writing.

  10. Thanks for sharing a template for resumes. I always like to update my resume using different styles. You said it is a basic structure which I find to be great. I tend to make it my own but will pretty much follow the format you suggest. thanks for the info. 

  11. Thank you for this article. These are some great tips that you have here. 

    I remembered back in the days; I would always try to look for a template and start typing down my resume. I still remembered those days like it was yesterday ha.

    Writing resumes were alright to me back in the days, it took a few hours of work, and I learned a lot of it just by typing my resume.

    Thanks again, you’re article is high in value.

  12. At the beginning I don’t know how to write a resume and I always end up not getting a job .But with a step to step guide and downloading the format on how to use a resume writing on your articles.have been able to write a resume to get a job

  13. I can say after reading this article I have been able to gather some inspiration and advice from these effective resume summary statements, and writing your own won’t be quite so difficult with such a brilliant example. I must say I Miss very lucky to have come across this piece of information.

  14. Hello Dudulie Silva,Thanks! For Exceptional resume format template. Resume are not required for jobs only. If you apply for higher education abroad, if you do not have a very good resume, the Authority does not nominate for scholarship. My resume is always irregular. This article reads clearly on resume rules than I have decided to start all over again building my resume. I will share this resume format with my all friends. Thanks for your great article.

  15. Hi Dudulie,

    Thanks, for uploading this simple, easy to understand resume template.

    Through some of your other articles, I have come to realize that, since my resume only gets an initial 6 second look to decide whether or not to view it in more detail, I need to put any relevant information into an abbreviated one page format.

    Then, I can add additional pertinent facts to back up the main resume page using attachments – so that I can sell the interested recruiter on why they should hire me!

    I was able to successfully download the template – and, I will use if to apply for a job I’ve been wanting for a long time!

    Wish me luck!


  16. I was just about to sit down and write my resume when I came across this. I looked through you previous posts and I do believe I have read them before. This is so helpful as your resume really is the first impression you are giving about yourself. It better be good. I will update my own resume now and follow the steps and tips you  have on your website. Thank you. 

  17. I just downloaded the resume format. I’ve been looking for better ways to present my resume to companies and employers. You just solved my problem. Thank you. Most people get rejected from jobs not because they ain’t qualified but because of the way their resume was presented. Thanks once again for this. 

  18. I love the format and I can’t wait to utilise it when the time comes. I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up good work.

    I’m going to bookmark your web page and maintain checking for new details. I am looking for some good blog sites for resume. I was searching over search engines and found your blog site.

  19. Thanks for writing this format for us to follow. Some of us are not quite as smart and always need an example to know steps to follow. I read yesterday about résumé writing styles peculiar to different countries. Is this really true? What can you say about this?

    Expecting your feedback

  20. Hello Dudulie, I really must appreciate how easy you have made the resume writing process and providing it for free is most commendable. I would go ahead and read the first three previous posts and i advice everyone who has not to do so as well.

    thanks alt for the help. i would be putting this to good use and sharing it with friends.

  21. Just downloaded it your format is so rich.

    It contains all the core facts needed.

    But how about you add another section for additional skills besides the professional skills.

    I love your format its straight to the point and would look so beautiful to the eyes of the viewers.

    Thanks a lot for this post.

  22. After going through the template, I’ve realized how much effort I need to put into my resume to give it an impressive look and irresistible impulse to glance. This should tell you how awful my resume looks on the professional front and so I’m very grateful to have found myself on your site. 

    Not only have I gathered some tips to polish up my resume but have learnt how to give it a professional touch for higher conversion. Thanks for putting across this awesome information.

  23. Thanks Dudulie Silva,

    Yes, I have read your previous articles. You are such a nice guide. Nowadays, writing CV has become a nondetachable part for jobs. So, it is very essencial to know how to write CV correctly. So that, I feel the necessity of following your guidelines.I have a query: Where should I attach my photo in the sample CV?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you so much.

    Live long! 🙂

  24. There are countless times that I have wrote a resume in my life and surprisingly I was in the other side reading the resume while interviewing the candidates. The format of your resume is perfect and easy to follow but it might be suitable for someone who has a few years of experience in the work force, if that person is a new graduate, he/she can switch the layout a bit in my opinion. Thank you for sharing the template 🙂

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