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Assessment Questions

Assessment Questions are High Priority

Many people who are looking for a federal job don’t understand how important the questionnaire is. This can make a big difference between being “Best Qualified” and “Not Among the Most Qualified.” Inadequate responses can be disastrous for a federal application. Job applicants could undervalue themselves and answer the questions quickly in an ad hoc fashion.


Assessment Questions are Similar to Pre-Interview Questions and KSAs

The responses to the assessment questions will be used to determine your level of expertise. They are the first ones to cross the cut barrier. They are critical in determining whether or not your application will be moved further. The questions are similar to KSA questions, and in some instances, they are the same as KSAs. The answers to these questions must be supported by content in your resume. If your responses are not supported by your resume, the human resources professional will highly likely exclude you from consideration.


What Kinds of Questions Can be Included in an Assessment?

The use of assessment questions determines job eligibility. They must be considered while determining your qualifications. There is a growing number of job-specific and self-assessment questions being included in applications for government agencies. As an automated barrier, many organizations use this questionnaire method to filter out applicants from the hundreds of resumes they receive. Question types that may be used for self-assessment include yes/no answers, true/false, and check all that apply. It’s also possible that they will ask you to evaluate your ability on a numerical scale. Give yourself the most deserving credit and grade yourself at or near the highest level possible to increase your chances of winning the title of “Best Qualified.”